7 Benefits Of Using Sidr Honey Organic Soaps For Healthier Skin

7 Benefits Of Using Sidr Honey Organic Soaps For Healthier Skin

Have you been stuck with the thought of ‘should I invest in organic skin care products, or not’? Presently, natural and organic skin care products have become an interesting topic to discuss, with many people who are increasingly concerned about their health turning towards them and favoring them over other mainstream options.

Experts also advise using natural and organic skin care products as opposed to products, many of which contain harmful chemicals, due to the rising pollution levels in the atmosphere. What we apply to our hair and skin is absorbed into our bloodstream, which can affect our overall health in general. The use of organic and healthy ingredients all over the world has increased due to a greater awareness of cancer-causing chemicals and other harmful substances that are present in the skincare, haircare, and cosmetics we use on a daily basis.

If you have not jumped on the organic skin care products boat yet, scroll down to check out the great benefits of using them and learn more about how good they actually are for you.

  1. Environmentally Friendly

At Lote & Co. we follow a completely eco-friendly manufacturing and processing approach so all of our soaps are handcrafted in Britain. This is partially due to the fact that no pesticides and chemicals are used in its creation, but also because they are far more biodegradable than their antibacterial counterparts, and they do not contain synthetic chemicals! Our Sidr honey soaps skin care and beauty products are eco-friendly and free from any ingredients that might harm your skin or cause any environment. Apart from being environmentally conscious, we make sure that the products you find under our umbrella are made from the purest of raw ingredients that are not grown in fields and farms that use pesticides and chemical fertilizers that harm the environment.

  1. No Artificial Fragrances and Perfumes

These products are free from artificial colorings and fragrances that could cause any type of irritation, dryness, and discomfort to your skin.

  1. No Chemicals or Pesticides

One of the best benefits for you, your children, and your family are that organic soap does not contain any chemicals or pesticides. All of the ingredients are natural, with any plants or herbs that are used in its production is completely free from any kind of pesticide. So when you and your child wash their hands, you aren’t being exposed to unnatural chemicals that could be absorbed by their skin.

  1. Healthier for Your Skin

Most of us often forget that our skin is also an organ. In fact, the skin is one of the largest and most important organs in our body. Just think about everything that the skin has to deal with on a daily basis. It has to go through many things, such as makeup applications, exfoliation, cleansing, cuts and scratches, and the harmful effects of chemical products that strip the skin of its natural oils. Using organic skin care products keeps the pH level of your skin maintained while helping your skin absorb the product easily and function at optimum levels. Also, the nutritional and medical benefits of organic products tend to last longer on the hair and skin, thereby making your skin healthier both from inside and out.

  1. Reduce Redness and Heals Cuts

Chemical products have the ability to exacerbate skin problems such as redness, itching, and burns. If you have a skin allergy, such as eczema, staying away from harmful chemical products is very important. Using organic skin care products can help heal wounds, reduces redness and other skin problems without irritating the skin.

  1. Cruelty-Free

One of the great things about using natural organic based soaps is that they are usually cruelty-free. Ours certainly is! This means that none of the ingredients are tested on animals before they are sold to the public. Many are dermatologically tested on people’s skin, checking to make sure that it is suitable for those with sensitive skin. So, if you opt to buy natural and eco-friendly skincare products, you’re doing those cute creatures a favor and saving them from the painful and cruel experiments they shouldn’t be subjected to in the first place.

  1. Natural Antibacterial Qualities 

Our natural oils within our Sidr honey soaps contain antibacterial and anti-fungal properties of their own. These work as nature intended and are completely natural, so no risk of exposure to synthetic chemicals. Plus, the soap often includes the essential and organic oils that come with the plants used. These help us to feel relaxed as well as help to protect our hands from bacteria.


Natural organic based soap is definitely the best way to go if you are looking for something that is gentle on skin and safe for your whole family to use.