About Us

Lote & Co have brought our liquid gold over to you from the heart of the Arabian Peninsula, offering a range of pure and raw edibles, skincare, haircare and healthcare products all of which are blended with the world renowned Yemeni Sidr Honey. Our inspiration is drawn from the long-standing ethics of Arab tradition: Hard-work and making use of nature’s best.

The ‘Lote Tree’, from which we derived our brand name is mentioned across various religious scriptures, including the Bible, Torah and the Qur’an. Lote in the Arabic language is translated into ‘Sidr’ and in the scientific world, the Sidr tree is called the Ziziphus Lotus Christi.We chose the name Lote & Co specially as it factors in the source of our Yemeni Sidr Honey which you can get from us in its most wholesome form, or blended with enhancing oils, seeds and more!

For centuries, The Arab world has sought the answer to caring for our inner and outer selves through the indepth study of herbs and nature for daily care and medicinal use. Our traditional secrets and recipes all derive from the beautiful act of passing knowledge on from mothers to daughters so that wisdom is never lost and travels across generations and time.

We believe that what you eat or even apply to your skin should work to nourish and nurture your body from within and without, which is why we also work exclusively with a small local honey farming business in the northern Yemeni village of Tihamah. The people of these mountain and desert areas devote themselves to the quality of their organic products that are free from herbicide and pesticide contamination. With our partners, we have built fairness and trust as we cherish the art and dedication of those who are passionate about what they grow and sell, and we wish to represent them and the purity of their products in the cosmetics we produce.

Company Values

We stand firmly against the use of incomprehensible chemical formulas in our list of ingredients that can cause or encourage health, hair and skin problems; all of our products are free of parabens, sodium and ammonium sulfate, palm oils, harmful alcohol, formaldehydes, harsh preservatives, lanolin, glycol, gluten, mineral oils, petrochemicals, toxic chemicals, animal glycerin and gelatine and microbeads. We do not use harsh preservatives and instead incorporate an eco-friendly vegetable based preservative for natural and organic cosmetics. 

Our products are all vegan friendly apart from those containing camel milk, bees wax and sidr honey. We visited the farm to ensure the animals are reared with care and freedom and that they feed only on wild and organic plants in open and natural environments. We stand firmly against animal testing and therefore all of our products are cruelty-free, halal, eco-friendly and are all UK/EU tested, approved and certified, meeting the highest standards in health and safety.

We look forward to educating you about the wonderful ingredients we use and the products we make via our website and social media.