More than five years of conflict has deepened Yemen’s poverty, devastated its infrastructure, and caused widespread hunger and suffering and this disease is a second front that Yemen is unprepared for.

There are not enough hospital beds or supplies to treat those seriously ill. If we act now to protect millions of vulnerable people, many lives can be saved.

We need your help to:

  • Provide front-line medical and aid workers with equipment and supplies to care for the vulnerable and sick
  • Ensure families get enough food to prevent malnutrition, particularly amongst children
  • Provide families with clean water, soap and information on keeping themselves safe

People who have suffered so much need your help now more than ever to face this new threat. 

Yemen Crisis: 24 million people are in need of humanitarian aid

With the ongoing conflict in Yemen – already one of the poorest countries in the region – tens of thousands of lives have been lost and over 20 million people don’t know where their next meal will come from. A country crippled by conflict is sadly now on the brink of famine.

With families facing ongoing armed conflict, displacement, disease and economic decline, an estimated 24 million people (80% of the country’s population) are now in need of humanitarian aid to survive – a figure so high that it is in fact the highest across the globe.

Yemen now officially hosts the world’s largest human-induced food security crisis.

Families and communities have been torn apart and left without even the most basic of living essentials:

  • 19.7 million people need basic healthcare
  • Almost 18 million people are in need of water and sanitation facilities
  • Over 3 million people have been left displaced by conflict

On the ground in Yemen, the situation is dire and things are getting worse each and every day.

Ummah Welfare Trust has launched an emergency appeal for suffering families in Yemen, the land of faith and wisdom. Through local partners, the charity is delivering emergency assistance to displaced and hungry families in the most effected areas of Yemen. 

we need your help to reach as many people as possible and widen our response.