Yemeni Sidr Honey: Pure & Raw (350g)

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We specialize in selling raw premium Sidr honey from the Tihamah valleys of two seasons; with our honey harvested from the pollen of the Ziziphus Christi plant. We guarantee the quality of our honey and offer a generous refund policy. We believe that selling the best quality is the right way to cultivate a long-term relationship with our customers.

Yemeni Sidr Honey is one of the finest honey in the world. It's distinctive taste, health-promoting nutrition values, and limited quantity (due to the crisis) gives it this reputation. Sidr honey comes from Sidr trees, which grow uncultivated in the middle east.

Our beekeepers adhere to the traditional method of beekeeping - No chemicals or drugs allowed. No machinery used. All are done using simple tools, a little smoke, and knives. The honey is then poured, unheated and raw, into containers, thus preserving its vital live enzymatic constituents.

Great Taste Awards: Our Pure and Raw Sidr honey has also won the highest accolade available for the international Great Taste Awards - A globally recognized food tasting awarder. 

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fawzi a.
United States United States

Purchased once and tested it my self for authentication and it passed. Ordered again. I finally found one that I will continue to order from

United Kingdom United Kingdom
Authentic taste

Allaahuma barik this honey is one of the best you wil get in the UK! It's taste is 10/10 and its runs so nicely. From the first first spoon which was actually half a spoon, i saw some health benefits later on in the day which amazed me. I regret not making the most of the 50% sale but will be definitely coming back for more!

Esther M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Hi there, i just wanted to say i am so impressed with your honey. My husbands friend, who owns a honey business in Dubai, told me to get hold of Sidr honey because of all its amazing properties helath wise and i was unsure becuase i don't actually like honey at all, i found it too sweet. Anyway, i bought this and decided to force myself to have 1 spoon every day with my breakfast BUT i was amazed at the taste! Not sickly sweet at all and more smokey and subtle, i absolutely love it and have noticed the health difference already and have only been taking it for a month. Received my new jar today and just wanted to say thank you because it is a wonderful product and i like your values and vision as a company. I will be highly recommending this to anyonw who cares to listen, haha. Thanks again, Esther.

United Kingdom United Kingdom

From enquiry reply’s to delivery to packaging it’s all 10/10 Just a bit gutted that it’s so strong but doesn’t mix well with water even warm water and funny enough I can’t taste it much in the water! Perhaps it’s normal for that Specific type of honey? I really don’t know! But great value otherwise!

France France

sava sé pas trop mal