Royal Yemeni Sidr Honey 500g

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Immunity Support
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Throat Soothing

Our rare Royal Sidr Honey presents a complex and rich taste bound with Yemeni Royal Jelly; granting its unmissable thick consistency and insatiably sweet aroma. 

Made by the bees that forage the remote, yet fertile Wadi Do’an in Hadramout, the ambrosial rarity that is harvested only once a year in the winter season embraces its tone from the yellow flowers that emerge out of the Ziziphus spina-christi. In turn, this floral embracement as well as it’s potent therapeutic properties brings to us what we know as “liquid gold”. 

In the history of honey harvesting, the valleys of Do'an are infamous for producing the highest quality of Yemeni Sidr Honey.

Lab tested with UK’s No.1 experts in honey testing, Minevera Scientific. Every order is delivered with an authenticity card and lab number.