Royal Yemeni Sidr Honey

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Immunity Support
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Throat Soothing

Our rare Royal Sidr Honey presents a complex and rich taste bound with Yemeni Royal Jelly; granting its unmissable thick consistency and insatiably sweet aroma. 

Made by the bees that forage the remote, yet fertile Wadi Do’an in Hadramout, the ambrosial rarity that is harvested only once a year in the winter season embraces its tone from the yellow flowers that emerge out of the Ziziphus spina-christi. In turn, this floral embracement as well as it’s potent therapeutic properties brings to us what we know as “liquid gold”. 

In the history of honey harvesting, the valleys of Do'an are infamous for producing the highest quality of Yemeni Sidr Honey.

Lab tested with UK’s No.1 experts in honey testing, Minevera Scientific. Every order is delivered with an authenticity card and lab number. 

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F M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Doesn’t get better than this!

By far the best honey I’ve had. In fact, it’s become almost like a party-trick. Usually what I bring out for guests to test out when the topic of honey and natural remedies come up. Couldn’t recommend this more.

Mark. H
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Just WOW

I don’t like honey but needed to buy a jar for my journey of good health. I think this is the only honey I would buy since it’s like tasting candy! It’s so thick and chewy you could eat the entire jar

United Kingdom United Kingdom

Amazing is an understatement!

I swear to God this is the best Honey I have ever tasted. I spent my life eating honey when I lived in Saudi and by far this is the best and highest quality I have come across. The taste is unexplainable and the texture of the honey is so thick that you can actually chew on the honey. I don't even know how thats possible

United Kingdom United Kingdom

100 Authentic Honey

The name of this honey says it all, it truly has royalty status and is the king of the range, the instant smokey scent you get when you open it just screams authenticity, and the way it sticks on to your dipper like glue and just remains there with no dripping, is a testament to show the purity and authenticity of this honey, then comes the tasting part, you shouldn’t be able to chew through the honey that it sold to us in the mass market, but this gem of a product is like biting into candy, it’s thick texture and smokey scent with the natural sweet flavour tops it off for me as the best honey that is sold by lote and co and would definitely recommend it to others.

Layla M.
United Kingdom United Kingdom

Exceeds expectations

Living in KSA grants us access to plentiful honey however I am a huge fan of LC! Was excited to see this launch and they were kind enough to send one out to me as a pre-order before coming up on the website. I can’t commend this honey enough, it’s wonderful. Not one to be taken with your daily toast, though. Saviour every bite!